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Reference architecture diagram

​​ Purpose

To provide a visual reference and explanation of using Cloudflare for a specific solution.

​​ Tone

instructional, straightforward

​​ content_type


​​ Structure

​​ Required components

Title: Short verb phrase in second-person imperative. Do not use gerund phrases.

Reference diagram: A single diagram that reflects the overall reference architecture.

​​ Optional components



Related links: Bulleted list of links to associated resources.

​​ Template

# Cloudflare Reference Architecture Diagram
Provide a description as to what the diagram below contains.
![Example reference architecture diagram](/images/reference-architecture/cloudflare-one-reference-architecture-images/cf1-ref-arch-14.svg "The above is an example reference architecture diagram")
1. Call out
2. Any numbered items
3. In the diagram
4. To explain their meaning/use
Provide some context to the diagram. What it relates to and link to any supporting content.