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Reference diagram

​​ Definition

A single diagram that portrays all or part of Cloudflare’s platform and how Cloudflare would align with a customer’s infrastructure or use case.

​​ Used in

Reference architecture, Reference architecture diagram

​​ Structure

A single diagram that shows a complete Cloudflare architecture aligned with a specific infrastructure or use case. Whenever possible, the image should be an SVG. For more information, refer to Diagrams.

​​ Examples

A fully deployed SASE solution with Cloudflare protects every aspect of your business. Ensuring all access to applications is secured and all threats from the Internet mitigated.
A fully deployed SASE solution with Cloudflare

Connecting and routing traffic can be created using various methods such as Cloudflare Network Interconnect, IPSEC tunnels, WARP Connector and cloudflared.
Different methods of connecting Cloudflare to your network infrastructure