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File types and extensions

You can refer both to file types and file extensions in documentation:

  • File types: Accepted file formats are JSON and YAML.
  • File extensions: Upload the .txt file to the dashboard.

When referring to a specific file type, always use regular text formatting, write the file type in uppercase, and avoid the initial dot (you are referring to the file type, not the file extension).

When referring to a specific extension, always monospace the file, include a dot, write the extension in lowercase, and always specify a noun after mentioning a file extension (for example: “file” or “file extension”). Do not leave the extension hanging.

Additional examples:

  • The accepted file formats are YAML (files with a .yml or .yaml file extension) and JSON (files with a .json file extension).
  • Additionally, this plist can be wrapped in a .mobileconfig file.
  • If you would like to test how this feature works, here is a sample .csv file.
  • Concatenate the string to a text-based .pem file.