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This troubleshooting strategy outlines our approach to troubleshooting content that is specific to a product or platform.

​​ Purpose

The purpose of Troubleshooting content is to provide guidance for solving common and corner-case problems with the product.

​​ Tone

Guiding, straightforward, solution-oriented

​​ content_type


​​ Structure

​​ Required components

Title: Troubleshooting name of product or feature

​​ Optional components




Next steps

​​ Template

weight: xx
pcx_content_type: troubleshooting
# Troubleshooting
An introductory paragraph is not required but may be worthwhile if there is a lot of information on this page.
## Concise noun title
Explanation of how to address this issue.
## Concise noun title
Explanation of how to address this issue.

​​ Additional information

In general, create a unique Troubleshooting section for your product. If the Troubleshooting steps are minimal, include the guidance on one Troubleshooting page.

If there are several Troubleshooting steps, create separate pages for logical groupings of Troubleshooting.