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Deprecated APIs

​​ Purpose

The purpose of Deprecated API content is to communicate that Cloudflare no longer supports an endpoint and to provide users with an alternative option.

​​ Tone

instructional, straightforward

​​ content_type


​​ Structure

​​ Required components

Deprecated endpoint name: Must match what existed in the non-deprecated Endpoint.

Context: Brief description of what is happening, why Cloudflare is deprecating this endpoint, and any other important information. Avoid using time-bound descriptors (today, tomorrow, in one week, etc). Instead, be specific when including dates.

Replacement: A description of and/or link to the alternative endpoint OR an explanation as to why Cloudflare is removing the capability of that endpoint.

End of life date: The date by which users will no longer be able to use that endpoint. Format full month name, date, and year (May 10, 2021).

​​ Optional components

A complete list of endpoints or related APIs that are being deprecated

​​ Additional information

Add API deprecation notices to the API deprecations page by deprecation date and not alphabetically by endpoint.

When an endpoint will be deprecated in a specified timeframe but is still available, add a note to the endpoint description about the upcoming deprecation ("<name of endpoint> will be deprecated on <full month name, date, year>. Use the <alternative endpoint> instead.").

​​ Examples

Cloudflare Images - Create authenticated direct upload URL v1

End of life date: July 1, 2022

This endpoint is deprecated in favor of using v2, which allows you to control metadata, define an access policy, and get the image ID.

Deprecated API:

POST accounts/:account_identifier/images/v1/direct_upload


POST accounts/:account_identifier/images/v2/direct_upload