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Developer documentation content strategy

Content strategy means using the right tool for the job. Cloudflare’s documentation will provide the most effective content types that serve a customer-focused purpose. Adoption of this content strategy will be impacted by product releases, resourcing, and company goals.

The purpose of Cloudflare’s developer documentation content strategy is to:

  • Create and document standard templates to streamline content creation
  • Document specific content types to help identify customers specific needs
  • Enable life cycle management in an effort to maintain and optimize a smaller set of pages
  • Suggest easier navigation paths

Strategically speaking, the mission and guiding principles translate into the following initiatives:

  • Improve the entire ecosystem of customer-facing product content, placing major emphasis on consistency, quality, accuracy, and timeliness
  • Create a cohesive and compelling story around our products and their functionality
  • Develop content that increases product adoption, deflects support, and makes customers successful
  • Partner with various internal departments and stakeholders in creating and sustaining a rich, consistent content experience across all Cloudflare products
  • Devise new and better ways to give users the information they need, when and where they need it

​​ Purpose statements

For each purpose statement, the documentation team will define the approach to solve the content problem for a product.

This approach includes:

​​ Information architecture

  • Where content should live on the site
  • Linking strategy

​​ Content

  • What content is included and what is optional
  • How the content is written

​​ Content requirements

Content requirements help the contributor ensure they have answered the user question and have not lost the purpose of the content after moving to execution.