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Support content

​​ Purpose

The purpose of support content is to provide guidance for solving specific problems with Cloudflare.

​​ Tone

Guiding, straightforward, solution-oriented

​​ content_type

Use the metadata tag for the Content Type you create within the Support tile.

​​ Required components



​​ Optional components



Next steps

​​ Structure

The structure of a page within the support tile will depend on the purpose that content serves.

​​ Boundaries

The general guidance is that anything related to a specific product (DNS, Security Center) or platform (Cloudflare One) belongs in a product tile. Anything that is specific to interacting with Cloudflare support or details niche troubleshooting steps belongs in the support tile.

Support content should not duplicate content that already exists in a product tile.

Support content examplesProduct content examples
How to interact with Cloudflare supportProduct documentation - feature information, functionality, configuration, known limitations
Niche troubleshooting information (multiple product configurations affecting each other)Troubleshooting a specific product or platform
Third-party integrations and partnerships that are not specific to a product (like WordPress)Product-specific integration guides
Runtime errors when integrating with external productsRuntime errors specific to a product
How Cloudflare charges for specific things (rates, usage)Process documentation for how to set up billing information, etc. - no pricing content

​​ Additional information

Migrating content from /support/ to other areas of dev docs

When you migrate content from the Support tile to other, relevant product areas:

  1. Move over the English version of the page to your desired location.
  2. Make edits to bring the content into alignment with our style guide.