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Types of malicious detections

To review the number and type of malicious detections made on your account:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Email Security dashboard.
  2. Select the Email tab.
  3. The Overview section will show you graphs with the total number of emails processed, as well as how many of those pertain to different threat categories - such as Malicious or Spam, among others. Refer to Dispositions and attributes for more information. Select View Details.
  4. You will open the Detections page. This page breaks down the information regarding the various types of threats detected. You have access to:
  • How many of the malicious emails received have an attachment.
  • Of these, what are the top types of malicious files received (for example, PDF files).
  • Total number of malicious senders, as well as a graph showing how they are distributed throughout the month.
  • Top malicious domains.
TargetsTop email targets on the BEC feature.
New domains
  • Total number of malicious domains registered in the past month.
  • Most common top level malicious domains.
  • Total number of malicious links and their distribution throughout the month.
  • Top threat types (for example, credential harvester).
Threat typesTop malicious threat types, and their percentage relatively to the total amount of threats received.
Threat originsA graph representing where in the world are your top threat origins.