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Statistics overview

To access an overview of your account, total number of emails processed, a breakdown of types of threads detected, among other types of information:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Email Security dashboard.
  2. Make sure you are in the Home section to review information regarding your account:
System stats
  • Status of Area 1’s services
  • Uptime of Area 1’s services as well as any downtime
  • Number of processed emails and attacks prevented
Detection statsStatistics regarding the total number of detections made, and emails processed.
RetractionsShows the distribution of messages removed from your user’s mailboxes.
Phish Submissions StatsStatistics regarding the number of phish emails submitted by your users and security operations center (SOC)
Threat OriginsTop geographical threat origins to your organization.
Org SpoofsShows attacks where names in envelopes differ from the header, as well as spoofed domains.
Domain ProximityList of domains similar to your own.
Malicious Threat TypeBreakdown of malicious threat types.
Email Link IsolationHow many email were processed by Email Link Isolation.
Top BEC TargetsWhat email addresses are the top targets on the Business Email Compromise feature.