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Area 1 Email Security
Area 1 Email Security
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Egress IPs

When you set up Area 1 using an inline deployment, you need to tell your existing email providers to accept messages coming from Area 1’s egress IP addresses.

Refer to this page for reference on what IP subnet mask ranges to use.

​​ United States

For customers in the United States, enter the following IP addresses:

​​ IPv4

​​ IPv6


​​ Europe

For customers in Europe, add all our US IP addresses. Additionally, you need to add the following IP addresses for our European data centers:

​​ India

For customers in India, add all our US IP addresses.

​​ Australia / New Zealand

For customers in Australia and New Zealand, add all our US IP addresses.

​​ Office 365 /24 addresses

Use these IPv4 addresses for Office 365, instead of the /19 and /23 subnets: