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Retract settings

When you are using an API setup for Area 1, you cannot prevent mail from reaching a recipient’s mailbox.

However — so long as you also have Journalling configured — you can set up Message retraction to take post-delivery actions against suspicious messages. These retractions happen through API integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces (Gmail).

​​ Retraction options

Once you set up retraction, you can retract messages manually or set up automatic retractions.

​​ Manual retraction

To retract individual messages, locate the message in Mail trace and retract the message.

​​ Automatic retraction

You can also set up auto-retraction to automatically move messages matching certain dispositions to specific folders you within a user’s mailbox.

To set up automatic retraction:

  1. Log in to the Area 1 dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon).

  3. On Email Configuration, go to Retract Settings > Auto-Retract.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. For each disposition, choose which folder the message should be sent to:

    • No Action: Do not move the message.
    • Junk Email: Sends the message to the junk or spam email folder.
    • Trash: Sends the message to the trash or deleted items email folder.
    • Soft Delete — user recoverable (Microsoft only): Sends the message to the user’s Deleted Items folder. Messages can be recovered by the user.
    • Hard Delete — admin recoverable (Microsoft and Google): Completely deletes messages from a user’s inbox. For Office 365, the message will be deleted and cannot be recovered without using the admin eDiscovery feature. For Google Gmail messages cannot be recovered, even by the admin.
  6. Select Update Auto-retract Settings.

​​ Setup guides

For more details, refer to: