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Area 1 Email Security
Area 1 Email Security
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Area 1 offers a variety of ways for you to better examine and understand your message traffic:

  • Search: Search for messages with a detection disposition or that have been processeded by Area 1.
  • Phish reports: Access Phish reports through the dashboard or an email digest.
  • SIEM integration: SIEM integrations allow you to view message-level information outside of the dashboard and create your own custom reports.
  • Audit Logs: Use Area 1 logs to review actions performed on your account.
  • Statistics overview: Statistics overview allows you to have an at-a-glance overview of emails processed and number of threats detected.
  • Types of malicious detections: Types of malicious detections shows you information related to the number and types of malicious detections made on your account.
  • The Area 1 API also allows you to download historical records as needed.