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SIEM integration

With a bit of configuration, you can also bring Area 1 data into your SIEM tools to view message-level information outside of the dashboard and create your own custom reports.

​​ Connect a SIEM tool

​​ Step 1 - Set up your SIEM tool

For help setting up the proper configuration in your SIEM tool, refer to the following guides:

​​ Step 2 - Create a webhook

To create a webhook in Area 1 and send data into a SIEM tool:

  1. Log in to the Area 1 dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon).
  3. Go to Email Configuration > Domains & Routing > Alert Webhooks.
  4. Select New Webhook.
  5. For App Type, select SIEM.
  6. Choose Splunk or Sumologic.
  7. Enter the Auth Code and Target.
  8. Select Publish Webhook.