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Learning paths guide you through modules and projects so you can get started with Cloudflare as quickly as possible.

Learning path

Get started with Cloudflare

Set up your application to benefit from Cloudflare’s speed, security, and reliability.

Learning path

Load balancing

Maximize application performance and availability.

Learning path

Bot management

Stop bad bots with threat intelligence at scale.

Learning path

Intro to Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers is a powerful platform, and this course serves as a great introduction for what it can do.

Learning path

Replace your VPN

Give users secure, auditable network and application access.

Learning path

Secure your application

Learn more about the tools Cloudflare offers to protect your website against malicious traffic and bad actors.

Learning path

Optimize site speed

Learn more about how Cloudflare can accelerate your website and improve performance.