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Trusted domains

Trusted domains allows you to identify domains that should be exempted from Cloud Email Security (formerly Area 1) detections.

​​ Default behavior

When messages come to your recipients from certain domains, Cloud Email Security triggers certain detections by default:

  • Proximity Domains: Domains with similar spelling to your existing domain. Will trigger a SPOOF detection.
  • Recent Domains: Domains created recently (exact definition set in Added Detections). Will trigger a MALICIOUS or SUSPICIOUS detection.

However, sometimes those domains are legitimate. For example, your company may have registered several lookalike domains to combat domain squatters.

To exempt specific domains from these detections, you can add trusted domains.

​​ Add a trusted domain

To add a trusted domain:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Email Security (formerly Area 1) dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon).

  3. On Email Configuration, go to Allow List > Trusted Domains.

  4. Select + Add Domain.

  5. The exact flow varies based on what you select for your Pattern Type:

    • Domain: Allows you to specify a particular domain and then adjust triggers for Proximity Domain and Recent Domain.
    • Create Regex: Allows you to create Regex rules for the domain name, top-level domain (TLDs), and subdomains and then adjust triggers for Proximity Domain and Recent Domain.
  6. Select Save.

​​ CSV uploads

You can also upload a CSV file of multiple allowed patterns, so long as the file is smaller than 150 KB, starts with a header row of all required values, and contains no additional fields.

An example file would look like this:

Domain, Notes, Proximity, Recent, First Person, true, true, New Hire, false, true