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​​ Rate limiting on managed public buckets through

Managed public bucket access through an subdomain is not intended for production usage and has a rate limit applied to it. If you exceed the rate limit, requests through your subdomain will be temporarily throttled and you will receive a 429 Too Many Requests response. For production use cases, consider linking a custom domain to your bucket.

​​ Account plan limits

Bucket1000 buckets per account
Data storage per bucketUnlimited
Object metadata size8,192 bytes
Object size5 TiB per object1
Maximum upload size35 GiB2
Maximum upload parts10,000
Maximum custom domains per bucket50

1The object size limit is 5 GiB less than 5 TiB, so 4.995 TiB.
2The max upload size is 5 MiB less than 5 GiB, so 4.995 GiB.
3Max upload size applies to uploading a file via one request, uploading a part of a multipart upload, or copying into a part of a multipart upload. If you have a Worker, its inbound request size is constrained by Workers request limits. The max upload size limit does not apply to subrequests.
Review the Examples on how to use SDKs with the S3 API to upload large files.

To increase these limits, contact your Cloudflare account team.