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Configure R2 with Terraform

You must generate an Access Key before getting started. All examples will utilize access_key_id and access_key_secret variables which represent the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key values you generated.

This example shows how to configure R2 with Terraform using the Cloudflare provider.

With terraform installed, create and copy the content below replacing with your API Token.

terraform {
required_providers {
cloudflare = {
source = "cloudflare/cloudflare"
version = "~> 4"
provider "cloudflare" {
api_token = "<YOUR_API_TOKEN>"
resource "cloudflare_r2_bucket" "cloudflare-bucket" {
account_id = "<YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID>"
name = "my-tf-test-bucket"
location = "WEUR"

You can then use terraform plan to view the changes and terraform apply to apply changes.