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Create buckets

You can create a bucket from the Cloudflare dashboard or using Wrangler.

​​ Bucket-Level Operations

Create a bucket with the r2 bucket create command:

$ wrangler r2 bucket create your-bucket-name

List buckets in the current account with the r2 bucket list command:

$ wrangler r2 bucket list

Delete a bucket with the r2 bucket delete command. Note that the bucket must be empty and all objects must be deleted.

$ wrangler r2 bucket delete BUCKET_TO_DELETE

​​ Notes

  • Bucket names and buckets are not public by default. To allow public access to a bucket, visit the public bucket documentation.
  • Invalid (unauthorized) access attempts to private buckets do not incur R2 operations charges against that bucket. Refer to the R2 pricing FAQ to understand what operations are billed vs. not billed.
  • The TLS (SSL) certificate created for each R2 bucket uses a wildcard certificate of the form *, which prevents account IDs and names from showing up in Certificate Transparency logs.