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R2 charges based on the total volume of data stored, along with two classes of operations on that data:

  1. Class A operations which are more expensive and tend to mutate state.
  2. Class B operations which tend to read existing state.

There are no charges for egress bandwidth.

All included usage is on a monthly basis.

​​ R2 pricing

FreePaid - Rates
Storage10 GB / month$0.015 / GB-month
Class A Operations1 million requests / month$4.50 / million requests
Class B Operations10 million requests / month$0.36 / million requests

​​ Storage usage

Storage is billed using gigabyte-month (GB-month) as the billing metric. A GB-month is calculated by recording total bytes stored for the duration of the month.

For example:

  • Storing 1 GB for 30 days will be charged as 1 GB-month.
  • Storing 2 GB for 15 days will be charged as 1 GB-month.

​​ Class A operations

Class A Operations include ListBuckets, PutBucket, ListObjects, PutObject, CopyObject, CompleteMultipartUpload, CreateMultipartUpload, ListMultipartUploads, UploadPart, UploadPartCopy and PutBucketEncryption.

​​ Class B operations

Class B Operations include HeadBucket, HeadObject, GetObject, UsageSummary, GetBucketEncryption and GetBucketLocation.

​​ Free operations

Free operations include DeleteObject, DeleteBucket and AbortMultipartUpload.

​​ Pricing calculator

To learn about potential cost savings from using R2, refer to the R2 pricing calculator.

​​ R2 billing examples

​​ Data Storage

If a user writes 1,000 objects in R2 for 1 month with an average size of 1 GB and requests each 1,000 times per month, the estimated cost for the month would be:

UsageFree TierBillable QuantityPrice
Class B Operations(1,000 objects) * (1,000 reads per object)10 million0$0.00
Class A Operations(1,000 objects) * (1 write per object)1 million0$0.00
Storage(1,000 objects) * (1GB per object)10 GB-months990 GB-months$14.85

​​ Asset Hosting

If a user writes 100,000 files with an average size of 100 KB object and reads 10,000,000 objects per day, the estimated cost in a month would be:

UsageFree TierBillable QuantityPrice
Class B Operations(10,000,000 reads per day) * (30 days)10 million290,000,000$104.40
Class A Operations(100,000 writes)1 million0$0.00
Storage(100,000 objects) * (100KB per object)10 GB-months0 GB-months$0.00