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Configure `aws4fetch` for R2

Example of how to configure `aws4fetch` to use R2.
You must generate an Access Key before getting started. All examples will utilize access_key_id and access_key_secret variables which represent the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key values you generated.

JavaScript or TypeScript users may continue to use the aws4fetch npm package as per normal. This package uses the fetch and SubtleCrypto APIs which you will be familiar with when working in browsers or with Cloudflare Workers.

You must pass in the R2 configuration credentials when instantiating your S3 service client:

import { AwsClient } from "aws4fetch";
const R2_URL = `https://${ACCOUNT_ID}`;
const client = new AwsClient({
accessKeyId: ACCESS_KEY_ID,
secretAccessKey: SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
service: "s3",
region: "auto",
const ListBucketsResult = await client.fetch(R2_URL);
console.log(await ListBucketsResult.text());
// <ListAllMyBucketsResult>
// <Buckets>
// <Bucket>
// <CreationDate>2022-04-13T21:23:47.102Z</CreationDate>
// <Name>user-uploads</Name>
// </Bucket>
// <Bucket>
// <CreationDate>2022-05-07T02:46:49.218Z</CreationDate>
// <Name>my-bucket-name</Name>
// </Bucket>
// </Buckets>
// <Owner>
// <DisplayName>...</DisplayName>
// <ID>...</ID>
// </Owner>
// </ListAllMyBucketsResult>
const ListObjectsV2Result = await client.fetch(`${R2_URL}/my-bucket-name?list-type=2`)
console.log(await ListObjectsV2Result.text())
// <ListBucketResult>
// <Name>my-bucket-name</Name>
// <Contents>
// <Key>cat.png</Key>
// <Size>751832</Size>
// <LastModified>2022-05-07T02:50:45.616Z</LastModified>
// <ETag>"c4da329b38467509049e615c11b0c48a"</ETag>
// <StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass>
// </Contents>
// <Contents>
// <Key>todos.txt</Key>
// <Size>278</Size>
// <LastModified> 2022-05-07T21:37:17.150Z</LastModified>
// <ETag>"29d911f495d1ba7cb3a4d7d15e63236a"</ETag>
// <StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass>
// </Contents>
// <IsTruncated>false</IsTruncated>
// <MaxKeys>1000</MaxKeys>
// <KeyCount>2</KeyCount>
// </ListBucketResult>