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API token templates

Below is a table of the currently available API Token Templates and access they grant. You can start creating a token with one of these templates and modify the permissions and resources from there.

Template NamePermissionResource
Edit Zone DNSDNS EditZone
Read Billing InfoRead BillingAccount
Read AccountsAccount
Read Analytics and LogsAnalytics ReadZone
Logs ReadZone
Edit Cloudflare WorkersEdit Workers RoutesZone
Edit Workers ScriptsAccount
Edit Workers KVAccount
Read Account SettingsAccount
Read User ProfileUser
Edit load balancing configurationEdit Load Balancing: Monitors and PoolsAccount
Edit Load BalancersZone
WordPressRead AnalyticsZone
Read ZonesZone
Edit Zone SettingsZone
Read Account SettingsAccount
Read DNSZone
Purge CacheZone
Create Additional TokensEdit API TokensUser
Read all resourcesAll Read PermissionsAccount & Zone