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Test speed

Cloudflare offers several tools to test the speed of your website, as well as the speed of your Internet connection.

​​ Test website speed

​​ Using Cloudflare

Once your domain is active on Cloudflare, you can run speed tests within the Cloudflare dashboard.

This speed test will provide information about critical loading times, performance with and without Cloudflare’s proxy, and recommended optimizations.

If you experience any issues, make sure you are not blocking specific user agents.

​​ Using third-party tools

If your domain is not yet active on Cloudflare or you want to measure the before and after improvements of using Cloudflare, Cloudflare recommends using the following third-party tools:

If you use these third-party tools, you should do the following to test website speed:

  1. Pause Cloudflare to remove performance and caching benefits.
  2. Run a speed test.
  3. Unpause Cloudflare.
  4. Run a speed test1.
  5. Run a second speed test to get your baseline performance with Cloudflare.

​​ Improve speed

Based on the results of these speed tests, you may want to explore other ways to optimize your site speed using Cloudflare.

​​ Test Internet speed

To test the speed of your home network connection (download, update, packet loss, ping measurements, and more), visit

  1. The results of your first speed test with Cloudflare will likely contain uncached results, which will provide inaccurate results.

    One of the key ways Cloudflare speeds up your site is through caching, which will appear in the results of the second test. ↩︎