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Secure your application

Learning path

Learn more about the tools Cloudflare offers to protect your website against malicious traffic and bad actors.

​​ Before you begin

~30 mins

Before you can secure your site, make sure you have already added that site to Cloudflare.

Contains 1 units

​​ General security — Minimal setup

~1 hour

Take a few simple steps to make sure your application is protected from a broad array of threats.

Contains 5 units

​​ Customize Web Application Firewall (WAF)

~2 hours

Use a variety of rules to customize the behavior of your application’s firewall. This step may require detailed analysis of your application traffic.

Contains 6 units

​​ Customize other security settings

~2 hours

Update various settings to further refine how your application processes incoming traffic. This step may require detailed analysis of your application traffic.

Contains 9 units

​​ Explore dedicated security products

~30 mins

Cloudflare offers several dedicated products to increase the security of your website and underlying infrastructure.

Contains 5 units
  • Page Shield
    Monitor third-party scripts on your application and receive notifications when they have been compromised or are exhibiting malicious behavior.
  • API Shield
    Protect your API from malicious traffic by enforcing schema validation, detecting abuse patterns, and more.
  • Magic Firewall
    Use Cloudflare’s firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) to protect office networks and cloud infrastructure with advanced, scalable protection.
  • Magic Transit
    Delivers network functions at Cloudflare scale — DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and much more from every Cloudflare data center — for on-premise, cloud-hosted, and hybrid networks.
  • Magic Wan
    Securely connect any traffic source - data centers, offices, devices, cloud properties - to Cloudflare’s network and configure routing policies to get the bits where they need to go, all within one SaaS solution.

​​ Next steps

~30 mins

Contains 1 units