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Recovering from a hacked site

If your website has been hacked recently, review the recommended steps below to recover a hacked website and prevent future hacks.

​​ Recovering from an attack

To recover from an attack, reach out to your hosting provider to request:

  • Details about the hack, including how they believe the site was hacked.
  • That your hosting provider remove any malicious content placed on your website.

Once the hack has been resolved, you should resolve site warnings in Google Webmaster Tools and resubmit your site for Google’s review.

​​ Preventing and mitigating the risks of a future hack

To prevent the risk of a hacked site:

  • Activate Cloudflare’s WAF managed rules so they can challenge or block known malicious behavior.
  • If you use a Content Management System (CMS), make sure you have the most recent version installed (CMS platforms push out updates to address known vulnerabilities).
  • If you use plugins, make sure they are updated.
  • If you have an admin login page, protect it with Cloudflare’s Rate limiting rules or a Cloudflare Access policy.
  • Use a backup service so you can avoid losing valid content.