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Get started with Cloudflare

Learning path

Set up your application to benefit from Cloudflare’s speed, security, and reliability.

​​ Concepts

~25 mins

Concepts explain the basic ideas behind how Cloudflare works and how you can work with Cloudflare.

Feel free to skip if you have a technical background.

Contains 6 units

​​ Account setup

~10 mins

Create and customize your Cloudflare account.

Contains 6 units

​​ Add a domain

~5 mins

Make a few updates at your registrar and within Cloudflare to improve your domain’s speed, security, and reliability.

Contains 3 units

​​ Domain resolution

~10 mins

After your domain is active on Cloudflare, review your DNS settings to make sure visitors can access your site.

Contains 6 units

​​ Security

~1 hour

Review and optimize your security settings so your visitors' information and your site infrastructure are protected.

Contains 3 units

​​ Other optimizations

Go beyond the basics and optimize other aspects of your domain setup.

Contains 4 units