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Set up Cloudflare

To get the security, performance, and reliability benefits of Cloudflare, you need to set up Cloudflare on your domain:

  1. Create your account : Create a new account with Cloudflare and adjust account settings as needed.
  2. Minimize downtime (for some): If your domain is particularly sensitive to downtime, review our suggestions to avoid it.
  3. Add a site : Add and activate a new domain to use Cloudflare.
  4. Allow Cloudflare IP addresses (for some): If you control your origin server and plan on using Cloudflare’s proxy , you should review your server configuration to make sure you are not accidentally blocking Cloudflare IP addresses.
  5. Optimize site setup : Once your site is activated on Cloudflare, you can improve site speed and SEO, build out layers of application security, and more.