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Cloudflare Fundamentals
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Accessing the data Cloudflare collects

Access metadata about the Cloudflare network through analytics on Cloudflare dashboard, through Logs, or through the GraphQL APIs.


Access the following analytics from the Cloudflare Dashboard:

  • Zone Analytics - Analytics gathered by each Cloudflare product, which are available within the Analytics application and within individual product applications
    • Analytics application - Aggregated traffic, security, and performance metrics for each orange-clouded domain. Data available on the Analytics application includes:
      • Traffic - Requests, Data transfer, Page views, Visits, and API requests
      • Security - Total Threats, Top Crawlers/Bots, Rate Limiting, Total Threats Stopped
      • Performance - Origin Performance, Bandwidth Saved
      • DNS - DNS Queries by Response Code, Record Type, and Cloudflare Data Center
      • Workers - Workers per zone, Workers KV per account
    • In-product - The analytics available within each product on the dash, like the Events summary, Events by service, and Top events by source data in Firewall. Data available in-product includes:
      • Firewall Events, Bot Analytics within the Firewall application
      • Browser Insights within the Speed application
      • Cache Performance within the Caching application
      • Load Balancing Analytics and Health Check Analytics within the Traffic application
  • Account Analytics - Sum of traffic to all your sites
  • Network Analytics - Analytics that provide visibility into network and transport-layer traffic patterns and DDoS attacks. Only available for customers on an Enterprise plan who use Spectrum, Magic Transit, or Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP).
  • Web Analytics - Privacy-first analytics for your website that doesn't require changing your DNS or using Cloudflare’s proxy


Access Cloudflare Logs in one of two ways:

GraphQL APIs

If you'd like more control over how you visualize the analytic and log information available on the Cloudflare dashboard, use the GraphQL Analytics API to build customized views.