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Gateway DNS

The descriptions below detail the fields available for gateway_dns.

FieldValueTypeExample values
ColoIDThe ID of the data center that received the DNS queryint46, 72, 397
ColoNameThe name of the data center that received the DNS querystringSJC, MIA, IAD
DatetimeThe date and time the corresponding DNS query was madeint or string2021-07-27T00:01:07Z
DeviceIDUUID of the device where the HTTP request originated fromstringdad71818-0429-11ec-a0dc-000000000000
DstIPThe destination IP address the DNS query was made tostring104.16.132.2290
DstPortThe destination port used at the edge. The port changes based on the protocol used by the DNS query.int0
EmailEmail used to authenticate the
LocationName of the location the DNS query is coming from. Location is created by the customer.string7bdc7a9c-81d3-4816-8e56-000000000000
MatchedCategoryIDsID or IDs of category that the domain was matched with the policyarray[int][7,12,28,122,129,163]
PolicyName of the policy that was applied (if any)string7bdc7a9c-81d3-4816-8e56-de1acad3dec5
ProtocolThe protocol used for the DNS query by the client, for example UDP, TCP, DoH, DoT, WARPstringudp
QueryCategoryIDsID or IDs of category that the domain belongs toarray[int][7,12,28,122,129,163]
QueryNameThe query
QueryNameReversedThe query name in reversestringcom.example
QuerySizeThe size of the DNS query in bytesint151
QueryTypeThe type of DNS query, for example, A, AAAA, MX, or TXT.stringA
RDataThe rdata objects, for example, type or dataarray[object]{"type":"5","data":"dns-packet-placeholder..."}
ResolverDecisionResult of the DNS queryintoverrideForSafeSearch
SrcIPThe source IP address making the DNS querystring104.16.132.229
SrcPortThe port used by the client when the DNS query was sentint0
UserIDUser identity where the HTTP request originated fromstring00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000