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Logpush datasets supported

The table below lists the Logpush datasets that support zones or accounts with Customer Metadata Boundary (CMB) enabled. The column Respects CMB indicates whether enabling CMB impacts the dataset (yes/no). The last two columns inform you if CMB is available with US and EU.

Be aware that if you enable CMB for a dataset that does not support your region, no data will be pushed to your destination.

Dataset nameLevelRespects CMBAvailable with US CMB regionAvailable with EU CMB region
HTTP requestsZone
Firewall eventsZone
DNS logsZone
NEL reportsZone
Spectrum eventsZone
Page ShieldZone
Access RequestsAccount
Audit LogsAccount
CASB FindingsAccount
Device Posture ResultsAccount
DNS Firewall logsAccount
Gateway DNSAccount
Gateway HTTPAccount
Gateway NetworkAccount
Magic IDS DetectionsAccount
Network Analytics LogsAccount
Workers Trace EventsAccount
Zero Trust SessionsAccount
Sinkhole EventsAccount