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ClientRequestSource field

The possible values for the ClientRequestSource field are the following:

ValueRequest sourceDescription
0unknownShould never happen.
1eyeballA request from an end user. If you want to count requests made the Cloudflare Edge, the query should filter on requestSource=eyeball.
2purgeA request made by Cloudflare’s purge system.
3alwaysOnlineA request made by Cloudflare’s Always Online crawler.
4healthcheckA request made by Cloudflare’s Health Check system.
5edgeWorkerFetchA fetch request made from an edge Worker.
6edgeWorkerCacheAPIA cache API call made from an edge Worker.
7edgeWorkerKVA KV call made from an edge Worker.
8imageResizingRequests made by Cloudflare’s Image Resizing product.
9orangeToOrangeA request that comes from another orange clouded zone.
10sslDetectorA request made by Cloudflare’s SSL Detector system.
11earlyHintsCacheAn Early Hint request.
12inBrowserChallengeAn end user request caused by a Cloudflare security product (Challenges, JavaScript Detections). These requests never reach the origin.