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Cloudflare’s data products

Cloudflare offers several ways to view the metadata generated by our products.

  • Analytics - Review visualized metrics to identify security threats, find opportunities to improve performance, and troubleshoot problems for all sites in your account. Cloudflare’s analytics products summarize the data collected by Cloudflare for you and include extensive information about attack and mitigation activity detected by Firewall, load balancer steering decisions, threat and event data, and more. Use the analytics available on the Cloudflare dashboard to better understand what Cloudflare is doing behind the scenes or build your own views using the GraphQL API. Refer to Types of analytics for more information.
  • Logs - Access detailed logs of Cloudflare activity and events, and combine that information with logs from other sources, like your application server. Use Logs when you want the flexibility of customizing where and how you view your log data, including importing Logs to SIEMs and other third-party analysis providers.
  • Notifications - Receive notifications when events you care about are detected by Cloudflare. With Notifications, you can configure what events are flagged and receive information related only to activity that matters to you - like DDoS attacks, site outages, and approaching billing limits - so you can quickly take action.