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Cloudflare visualizes the metadata collected by our products in the Cloudflare dashboard. Refer to Types of analytics for more information about the various types of analytics and where they exist in the dashboard.

​​ Features

​​ Workers Analytics Engine

Send unlimited-cardinality data from your Worker to a time-series database. Query it with SQL.

​​ Cloudflare Web Analytics

Provides free, privacy-first analytics for your website without changing your DNS or using Cloudflare’s proxy.

​​ Account and zone analytics

Provides details about the requests and traffic related to your Cloudflare accounts and zones.

​​ Cloudflare Network Analytics

Provides near real-time visibility into network and transport-layer traffic patterns and DDoS attacks.

​​ GraphQL Analytics API

Provides all of your performance, security, and reliability data from one endpoint. Select exactly what you need, from one metric for a domain to multiple metrics aggregated for your account.