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Configure GraphQL client endpoint and HTTP headers

  1. Launch GraphiQL.
  2. Select Edit HTTP Headers.
    Clicking Edit HTTP Headers
    The Edit HTTP Headers window appears.
    Editing HTTP Headers Window
  3. Select Add Header.
    Clicking Add Header
  4. Enter X-AUTH-EMAIL in the Header name field and your email address registered with Cloudflare in the Header value field, and select Save.
  5. To configure authentication, select Add Header. You can use Cloudflare Analytics API token authentication (recommended) or Cloudflare API key authentication.
    • Token authentication: Enter Authorization in the Header Name field, and enter Bearer {your-analytics-token} in the Header value field, then select Save.
      Editing HTTP Headers
    • Key authentication: Enter X-AUTH-KEY in the Header Name field, and paste your Global API Key in the Header value field, then select Save.
  6. Select anywhere outside the Edit HTTP Headers window in GraphiQL to close it and return to the main GraphiQL display.
  7. Enter in the GraphQL Endpoint field
    Editing GraphQL Endpoint

Now that you have configured authentication with a Cloudflare API key, you are ready to run queries using GraphiQL.