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Log fields

The datasets below describe the fields available by log category. The list of fields is also accessible directly from the API:<ZONE_ID>/logpush/datasets/<DATASET>/fields for zone-scoped datasets or<ACCOUNT_ID>/logpush/datasets/<DATASET>/fields for account-scoped datasets, where the dataset argument indicates the log category (such as http_requests, spectrum_events, firewall_events, nel_reports, or dns_logs).

Zone-scoped HTTP requests are available in both Logpush and Logpull, except for custom fields , which are only available in Logpush. All other datasets are only available through Logpush.

Unless otherwise noted, fields are available in both Logpush v1 (Logpush prior to mid-2020) and Logpush v2 (all Logpush jobs after mid-2020).

For log field ClientIPClass, Cloudflare recommends using Bot Tags to classify IPs.


For more information on logs available in Cloudflare Zero Trust, refer to Zero Trust logs .