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DNS logs

The descriptions below detail the fields available for dns_logs.

​​ ColoCode

Type: string

IATA airport code of data center that received the request.

​​ EDNSSubnet

Type: string

IPv4 or IPv6 address information corresponding to the EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) forwarded by recursive resolvers. Not all resolvers send this information.

​​ EDNSSubnetLength

Type: int

Size of the EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) in bits. For example, if the last octet of an IPv4 address is omitted (192.0.2.x.), the subnet length will be 24.

​​ QueryName

Type: string

Name of the query that was sent.

​​ QueryType

Type: int

Integer value of query type. For more information refer to Query type.

​​ ResponseCached

Type: bool

Whether the response was cached or not.

​​ ResponseCode

Type: int

Integer value of response code. For more information refer to Response code.

​​ SourceIP

Type: string

IP address of the client (IPv4 or IPv6).

​​ Timestamp

Type: int or string

Timestamp at which the query occurred.