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Review the definitions for terms used across Cloudflare’s Logs documentation.

debuggingThe process of identifying and resolving errors or issues within software applications or systems, often facilitated by analyzing log data.
deprecationDeprecation in software development involves officially labeling a feature as outdated. While a deprecated software feature remains within the software, users are warned and encouraged to adopt alternatives. Eventually, deprecated features may be removed. This approach ensures backward compatibility and gives programmers time to update their code.
edge serverA server located at the edge of a network, typically within a CDN, that serves content to end-users.
eventAn occurrence or happening that is significant and worthy of being recorded in a log.
HTTP requestAn HTTP request is the way Internet communications platforms such as web browsers ask for the information they need to load a website.
logA chronological record of events, actions, or transactions, typically used for tracking and troubleshooting purposes.
log fileA file containing a collection of log entries, usually stored in a structured or semi-structured format.
loggingThe process of recording events, actions, or transactions in a log.
requestA request is a message that is sent between a client, or web browser, to a server. Each request that has been processed through the Cloudflare network generates a record.
timestampA data field indicating the date and time when an event occurred, often used for sequencing and analysis.