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CASB Findings

The descriptions below detail the fields available for casb_findings.

AssetDisplayNameAsset display name (for example, ‘My File Name.docx’).string
AssetExternalIDUnique identifier for an asset of this type. Format will vary by policy vendor.string
AssetLinkURL to the asset. This may not be available for some policy vendors and asset types.string
AssetMetadataMetadata associated with the asset. Structure will vary by policy vendor.object
DetectedTimestampDate and time the finding was first identified (for example, ‘2021-07-27T00:01:07Z’).int or string
FindingTypeDisplayNameHuman-readable name of the finding type (for example, ‘File Publicly Accessible Read Only’).string
FindingTypeIDUUID of the finding type in Cloudflare’s system.string
FindingTypeSeveritySeverity of the finding type (for example, ‘High’).string
InstanceIDUUID of the finding in Cloudflare’s system.string
IntegrationDisplayNameHuman-readable name of the integration (for example, ‘My Google Workspace Integration’).string
IntegrationIDUUID of the integration in Cloudflare’s system.string
IntegrationPolicyVendorHuman-readable vendor name of the integration’s policy (for example, ‘Google Workspace Standard Policy’).string