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Audit logs

The descriptions below detail the fields available for audit_logs.

​​ ActionResult

Type: bool

Whether the action was successful.

​​ ActionType

Type: string

Type of action taken.

​​ ActorEmail

Type: string

Email of the actor.

​​ ActorID

Type: string

Unique identifier of the actor in Cloudflare’s system.

​​ ActorIP

Type: string

Physical network address of the actor.

​​ ActorType

Type: string

Type of user that started the audit trail.

​​ ID

Type: string

Unique identifier of an audit log.

​​ Interface

Type: string

Entry point or interface of the audit log.

​​ Metadata

Type: object

Additional audit log-specific information. Metadata is organized in key:value pairs. Key and Value formats can vary by ResourceType.

​​ NewValue

Type: object

Contains the new value for the audited item.

​​ OldValue

Type: object

Contains the old value for the audited item.

​​ OwnerID

Type: string

The identifier of the user that was acting or was acted on behalf of. If a user did the action themselves, this value will be the same as the ActorID.

​​ ResourceID

Type: string

Unique identifier of the resource within Cloudflare’s system.

​​ ResourceType

Type: string

The type of resource that was changed.

​​ When

Type: int or string

When the change happened.