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Below is a description of the available permissions for tokens and roles as they relate to Logs. For information about how to create an API token, refer to Creating API tokens.

​​ Tokens

  • Logs: Read - Grants read access to logs using Logpull or Instant Logs.

  • Logs: Write - Grants read and write access to Logpull and Logpush, and read access to Instant Logs.

​​ Roles

Super Administrator, Administrator and the Log Share roles have full access to Logpull, Logpush and Instant Logs.

Only roles with Log Share edit permissions can read and configure Logpush jobs because job configurations may contain sensitive information.

The Administrator Read only and Log Share Reader roles only have access to Instant Logs and Logpull. This role does not have permissions to view the configuration of Logpush jobs.

​​ Assign or remove a role

To check the list of members in your account, or to manage roles and permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard and select your account.
  2. From your Account Home, go to Manage Account > Members.
  3. Enter a member’s email address to add them to your account, and select Invite.
  4. Alternatively, scroll down to the Members card to find a list of members with their status and role.

For more information, refer to Managing roles within your Cloudflare account.