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Enable Microsoft Azure

Cloudflare uses a service-level shared access signature (SAS) to gain access to your Blob Storage container. You'll need to provide Write permission and an expiration period of at least 5 years, which will allow you to not worry about the SAS token expiring.

To enable Logpush to Azure:

  1. Create a Blob Storage container. See instructions from Azure.

  2. Create a shared access signature (SAS). To learn about shared access signatures, see information from Azure. Logpush requires a service-level SAS, which provides the most restricted access. To create a service-level SAS, see instructions from Azure or use the Storage Explorer feature in your storage account portal. Select Storage Explorer, navigate to and then right-click on your blob container to see the Get Shared Access Signature option. Select that option, set an expiry time of at least 5 years, and select only Write permission.

  3. Provide the SAS URL when prompted by the Logpush API or UI.