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DDoS attack coverage

The DDoS Attack Protection Managed Rulesets provide protection against a variety of DDoS attacks across L3/4 (layers 3/4) and L7 of the OSI model. Cloudflare constantly updates these Managed Rulesets to improve the attack coverage, increase the mitigation consistency, cover new and emerging threats, and ensure cost-efficient mitigations.

As a general guideline, Cloudflare customers are protected up to the layer on which their service operates. For example, a WAF customer is protected against DDoS attacks on Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS) all the way down including L3/4 attacks.

The following table includes a sample of covered attack vectors:

OSI LayerRulesetExample of covered DDoS attack vectors
L3/4Network-layer DDoS Attack ProtectionUDP flood attack
SYN floods
SYN-ACK reflection attack
ACK floods
Mirai and Mirai-variant L3/4 attacks
ICMP flood attack
SNMP flood attack
QUIC flood attack
DNS amplification attack
Out of state TCP attacks
Protocol violation attacks
DNS amplification attack
SIP attacks
DNS Garbage Flood
DNS Query flood
ESP flood
L3/4Advanced TCP ProtectionFully randomized and spoofed ACK floods, SYN floods, SYN-ACK reflection attacks, and other sophisticated TCP-based DDoS attacks
L7 (HTTP/HTTPS)HTTP DDoS Attack ProtectionHTTP flood attack
WordPress pingback attack
HULK attack
LOIC attack
Mirai and Mirai-variant HTTP attacks