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The Workers for Platforms Paid plan is $25 monthly and comes with the following usage allotments and overage pricing:

Requests1 2DurationCPU time2Scripts
20 million requests included per month

+$0.30 per additional million
No charge or limit for duration60 million CPU milliseconds included per month

+$0.02 per additional million CPU milliseconds

Max of 30 seconds of CPU time per invocation
Max of 15 minutes of CPU time per Cron Trigger or Queue Consumer invocation
1000 scripts

+$0.02 per additional script
1 Inbound requests to your Worker. Cloudflare does not bill for subrequests you make from your Worker.
2 Workers for Platforms only charges for 1 request across the chain of dispatch Worker -> user Worker -> outbound Worker. CPU time is charged across these Workers.

​​ Example pricing:

A Workers for Platforms project that serves 100 million requests per month, uses an average of 10 milliseconds (ms) of CPU time per request and uses 1200 scripts would have the following estimated costs:

Monthly CostsFormula
Requests$24.00(100,000,000 requests - 20,000,000 included requests) / 1,000,000 * $0.30
CPU time$18.80((10 ms of CPU time per request * 100,000,000 requests) - 60,000,000 included CPU ms) / 1,000,000 * $0.02
Scripts$4.001200 scripts - 1000 included scripts * $0.02