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Create a dynamic dispatch Worker

After you have created a dispatch namespace, you can fetch any user Workers in the namespace using a dynamic dispatch Worker. The dynamic dispatch Worker has a namespace binding.

Use any method of routing to a namespaced Worker (reading the subdomain, request header, or lookup in a database). Ultimately you need the name of the user Worker.

In the following example, routing to a user Worker is done through reading the subdomain <USER_WORKER_NAME>*. For example, will run the script uploaded to PUT accounts/<ACCOUNT_ID>/workers/dispatch/namespaces/my-dispatch-namespace/scripts/my-customer.

export default {
async fetch(request, env) {
try {
// parse the URL, read the subdomain
let workerName = new URL(request.url).host.split('.')[0];
let userWorker = env.dispatcher.get(workerName);
return await userWorker.fetch(request);
} catch (e) {
if (e.message.startsWith('Worker not found')) {
// we tried to get a worker that doesn't exist in our dispatch namespace
return new Response('', { status: 404 });
// this could be any other exception from `fetch()` *or* an exception
// thrown by the called worker (e.g. if the dispatched worker has
// `throw MyException()`, you could check for that here).
return new Response(e.message, { status: 500 });