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Apex proxying

Apex proxying allows your customers to use their apex domains ( with your SaaS application.

​​ Benefits

In a normal Cloudflare for SaaS setup, your customers route traffic to your hostname by creating a CNAME record pointing to your CNAME target.

However, most DNS providers do not allow CNAME records at the zone’s root1. This means that your customers have to use a subdomain as a vanity domain ( instead of their domain apex (

This limitation does not apply with apex proxying. Cloudflare assigns a set of IP prefixes - cost associated, reach out to your account team - to your account (or uses your own if you have BYOIP). This means that customers can create a standard A record to route traffic to your domain, which can support the domain apex.

​​ Setup

  1. Cloudflare offers this functionality through CNAME flattening↩︎