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You can specify the order of the query result elements using the orderBy argument. By default, the results are sorted by the primary key of a data set (table). If you specify another field to sort on, the primary key is also used in the sorting key, allowing results to remain consistent for pagination.

The default order for an aggregated data set is by the fields on which the aggregated data is grouped. If you specify a different order, the aggregation group is appended to your specified ordering.


Raw data sorting

firewallEventsAdaptive (orderBy: [clientCountryName_ASC]) {    clientCountryName}

Raw data sorting using multiple fields

firewallEventsAdaptive (orderBy: [clientCountryName_ASC, datetime_DESC]) {    clientCountryName    datetime}

Group sorting by aggregation function

httpRequests1hGroups (orderBy: [sum_bytes_DESC]){    sum {        bytes        requests    }    dimensions {        datetime    }}