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​​ 2024-03-26

​​ 2023-10-26

  • Real-time Logs: Logs are now real-time, showing logs for the last hour. If you have a need for persistent logs, please let the team know on Discord. We are building out a persistent logs feature for those who want to store their logs for longer.
  • Providers: Azure OpenAI is now supported as a provider!
  • Docs: Added Azure OpenAI example.
  • Bug Fixes: Errors with costs and tokens should be fixed.

​​ 2023-10-09

  • Logs: Logs will now be limited to the last 24h. If you have a use case that requires more logging, please reach out to the team on Discord.
  • Dashboard: Logs now refresh automatically.
  • Docs: Fixed Workers AI example in docs and dash.
  • Caching: Embedding requests are now cacheable. Rate limit will not apply for cached requests.
  • Bug Fixes: Identical requests to different providers are not wrongly served from cache anymore. Streaming now works as expected, including for the Universal endpoint.
  • Known Issues: There’s currently a bug with costs that we are investigating.