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Plans — Cloudflare for SaaS

Free / Pro / BusinessEnterprise
PriceFor details, refer to our Plans pagePrice set by account team
Custom analyticsAvailable, but subject to limits by plan
Custom originNoYes
Custom certificatesNoYes
CSR supportNoYes
Selectable CANoYes (Digicert or Let's Encrypt)
Wildcard custom hostnamesNoYes
Non-SNI support for SaaS zoneOnly for Pro and BusinessYes
mTLS supportNoYes
WAF for SaaSApply WAF rules with current zone's plan.Create and apply custom firewall rulesets.
Apex proxing/BYOIPNoYes (with additional purchase)
Custom metadataNoYes (with additional purchase)

​​ Enterprise plan benefits

The Enterprise plan offers features that give SaaS providers flexibility when it comes to meeting their end customer’s requirements. In addition to that, Enterprise customers are able to extend all of the benefits of the Enterprise plan to their customer’s custom hostnames. This includes advanced Bot Mitigation, WAF rules, analytics, DDoS mitigation, and more.

In addition, large SaaS providers rely on Enterprise level support, multi-user accounts, SSO, and other benefits that are not provided in non-Enterprise plans.