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Email domain control validation (DCV)

Email based validation will send an approval email to the contacts listed for a given domain in WHOIS, along with the following addresses: admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, postmaster@, and webmaster@.

Once you create a new hostname and choose this validation method, you will see the following values after a few seconds:

  • API: Within the ssl object, refer to the values present in the validation_records array (specifically emails).
  • Dashboard: When viewing an individual certificate at SSL/TLS > Custom Hostnames, refer to the value for Certificate validation email recipients.

The addresses listed in this field will receive an email from [email protected]. They should either select Review Certificate Request or the hyperlink.

Example of the Certificate Validation Email

As soon as the domain owner has followed the link in this email and selected Approve on the validation page, the certificate will move through the various statuses until it becomes Active.

If you would like to request an immediate recheck, rather than wait for the next retry, send a PATCH request with the same values as your initial POST request.