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Enable Always Online

Always Online with Internet Archive integration is a Beta feature and is not enabled by default.

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Choose the domain that will use Always Online with Internet Archive integration.
  3. Click the Caching > Configuration.
  4. Under Always Online, set the toggle to On.
  5. To enable Internet Archive integration, click Update.

To use Cloudflare’s Always Online cache without Internet Archive integration, switch the toggle to On but do not click Update.

Alternatives to globally enabling Always Online include:

  • Using Cloudflare Page Rules to enable Always Online
  • Allowing your origin web server to determine which content to cache for display if your origin web server is offline:
    1. Disable Always Online.
    2. Set Origin Cache Control for your resources.
    3. Enable stale-if-error at your origin.

For best practices and limitations for Always Online, see Always Online Best Practices.