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Cache by status code

Enterprise customers can set cache time-to-live (TTL) based on the response status from the origin web server. Cache TTL refers to the duration of a resource in the Cloudflare network before being marked as stale or discarded from cache. Status codes are returned by a resource’s origin.

Setting cache TTL based on response status overrides the default cache behavior (standard caching) for static files and overrides cache instructions sent by the origin web server. To cache non-static assets, set a Cache Level of Cache Everything using a Cache Rule. Setting no-store Cache-Control or a low TTL (using max-age/s-maxage) increases requests to origin web servers and decreases performance.

​​ Caching limits

The maximum caching limit for Free, Pro, and Business customers is 512 MB per file, and the maximum caching limit for Enterprise customers is 5 GB per file. If you need to raise the limits, contact your Customer Success Manager.

​​ Edge TTL

By default, Cloudflare caches certain HTTP response codes with the following Edge Cache TTL when a cache-control directive or expires response header are not present.

HTTP status codeDefault TTL
200, 206, 301120m
302, 30320m
404, 4103m

All other status codes are not cached by default.

​​ Set cache TTL by response status via the Cloudflare dashboard

To set cache TTL by response status, create a Cache Rule for Cache TTL by status code.

​​ Set cache TTL by response status via the Cloudflare API

curl --request PUT \
"{zone_id}/rulesets/{ruleset_id}" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer <API_TOKEN>" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{
"rules": [
"expression": "( eq \"\")",
"description": "set cache TTL by response status",
"action": "set_cache_settings",
"action_parameters": {
"cache": true,
"edge_ttl": {
"status_code_ttl": [
"status_code_range": {
"to": 299
"value": 86400
"status_code_range": {
"from": 300,
"to": 499
"value": 0 // no-cache
"status_code_range": {
"from": 500
"value": -1 // no-store
"mode": "respect_origin"

​​ Syntax

Provide a JSON object containing status codes and their corresponding TTLs. Each key-value pair in the cache TTL by status cache rule has the following syntax:

  • status_code: An integer value such as 200 or 500. status_code matches the exact status code from the origin web server. Valid status codes are between 100-999.
  • status_code_range: Integer values for from and to. status_code_range matches any status code from the origin web server within the specified range.
  • value: An integer value that defines the duration an asset is valid in seconds or one of the following strings: no-store (equivalent to -1), no-cache (equivalent to 0).

​​ Set cache TTL by response status via a Cloudflare Worker

The cacheTtlByStatus option is a version of the cacheTtl feature that designates a cache TTL for a request’s response status code (for example, { "200-299": 86400, 404: 1, "500-599": 0 }).