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Configure cache by status code

Enterprise customers can set cache time-to-live (TTL) based on the response status from the origin web server. Cache TTL refers to the duration of a resource in the Cloudflare network before being marked as stale or discarded from cache. Status codes are returned by a resource’s origin.

Setting cache TTL based on response status overrides the default cache behavior (standard caching) for static files and overrides cache instructions sent by the origin web server. To cache non-static assets, set a Cache Level of Cache Everything using a Page Rule. Setting no-store Cache-Control or a low TTL (using max-age/s-maxage) increases requests to origin web servers and decreases performance.

Caching limits

The maximum caching limit for Free, Pro, and Business customers is 512 MB per file, and the maximum caching limit for Enterprise customers is 5 GB per file. If you need to raise the limits, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Edge TTL

By default, Cloudflare caches certain HTTP response codes with the following Edge Cache TTL when a cache-control directive or expires response header are not present.

HTTP status codeDefault TTL
200, 206, 301120m
302, 30320m
404, 4103m
500, 502, 503, 5040s

Set cache TTL by response status via the Cloudflare dashboard

To set cache TTL by response status, create a Page Rule for Cache TTL by status code.

Set cache TTL by response status via the Cloudflare API

curl -X POST "" \
-H "X-Auth-Email: [email protected]" \
-H "X-Auth-Key: ${CF_AUTH_KEY}" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
--data '{
"targets": [
"target": "url",
"constraint": {
"operator": "matches",
"value": "*"
"actions": [
"id": "cache_ttl_by_status",
"value": {
"200": "no-cache",
"100": 5,
"300-302": 20
"priority": 1,
"status": "active"


Provide a JSON object containing status codes and their corresponding TTLs. Each key-value pair in the cache TTL by status page rule has the following syntax:

  • status_code: A string such as 200 or 500. status_code matches the exact status code from the origin web server. Valid status codes are between 100-599.
  • status_code_range: A “from-to” string, such as 200-299 or 400-599. status_code_range matches any status code from the origin web server within the specified range.
  • TTL: An integer that defines the duration an asset is valid in seconds or one of the following strings: no-store, no-cache. Only positive integers, including 0, are accepted.

Set cache TTL by response status via a Cloudflare Worker

The cacheTtlByStatus option is a version of the cacheTtl feature that designates a cache TTL for a request’s response status code (for example, { "200-299": 86400, 404: 1, "500-599": 0 }).